Frequently Asked Questions – OLd

Do you accept car accident claims?

Yes, we accept 1st party claims.

Do you accept work related accident claims (L&I)?

Yes, we are happy to work with Labor & Industries claims.

Why are your published rates a different amount than what gets charged to my insurance company?

The prices for non-insurance billed massages are a separate rate because they are a completely separate service. Insurance massages are directed and managed by doctors and require a written prescription prior to treatment.

Is there parking at your office location?

There is plenty of free parking at our clinic.

What are the rates for massage?

Relaxation massage: 60 min $80, 90 min $115, 120 min $150
Sports/ deep tissue massage: 60 min $80

Medical Massage: $40 / unit

*Medical Massage is a service directed by a doctor and requires a prescription. This is a completely separate service from other massages offered in this clinic.