How Deep Tissue Massage Aids Workaholics?

Massage therapies have come a long way to become an integral part of healthcare industry. Though massage therapies have been existent since ages, it is only now they are unfolding many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages. Probably the biggest example is Ayurveda which has been globally acknowledged for its organic

Whilst most of the people reeling under chronic pain prefer immediate relief, deep tissue massage therapy seems to be gaining fast acceptance for its long lasting results including subsiding pain and removing excess of stress to regain a balanced and better life. Of course, you may have to be a bit patient depending on the degree of the injury severity but the results are far encouraging and worth putting your faith on.

Deep tissue massage as the name suggests penetrates deeper into the layers of muscles and connecting tissues to provide relief from the deeply felt pain. For millenials who have a grueling lifestyle shuttling between demanding job and family, they need deep tissue therapy to combat the truck load of stress and manage their life in a better way.

Essential Oils For Deep Tissue Therapy To De-stress

Deep tissue therapy relies on the quality of essential oil used in order to make sure that it provides the much-needed warmth and soothing to the strained proportion of the muscles.

As per research studies in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (2012), and the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2014), essential oils directly penetrate deeper into the bloodstream, thereby providing results that are immediate and well- appreciated.

With a perfect blend of oil and application, the essential oils nurture the muscles leaving behind a relieving feel for a long time; any sort of strain or knot gets entangled with firm and slow strokes of hands over the concerning area.

If you see it closely, it is a delicate art to tactfully apply the therapeutic oils with optimized movement of your hands to get hold of the problematic area and exert suitable pressure to assuage the strain and provide pain relief.

It may hurt you a bit in the initial stage, but eventually you will experience the pain relief with complete satisfaction. However, only a professional deep tissue massage therapist can make it possible. So avoid any random massage centre and consult only recognized massage therapists for complete cure. Let us take a quick look over some of the oils used:

  • Juniper and ginger are well regarded oil that infuse oxygen into your overstressed muscles which ultimately leads to improved healing and subsiding of pain.
  • Sweet marjoram come with terpinen-4-ol and a-terpinene and German chamomile with bisabolol oxides that only exhibit their natural antispasmodic properties to ease off the pain.
  • Peppermint oil cools down any inflamed muscle leaving behind its soothing effect in the tensed muscles.
  • Rosemary is no less either since it contains bornyl acetate which exhibits its anti-inflammatory properties.

And many more. All these essential oils with natural healing properties to provide complete healing of any injury or pain.  For those juggling between multiple responsibilities back at work, aches and lower back pain is pretty commonly heard of; something they have gone used to over a period of time.

As per the American Chiropractic Association, as much as 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given point of time. However, the same researchers have endorsed deep tissue massage to have significantly reduced chronic back pain. The similar results are somewhat echoed by another study wherein the deep tissue massage scored better than the other therapeutic massage for treating the nagging lower back pain.

So, do not sway to other advanced treatments and make some time for deep tissue massage for enjoying the bundle of benefits it suffuse you. Schedule an interview with professional massage therapist for consultation today!

Clamp Down Stress with Deep Tissue Massage

No matter how much we deny, stress is taking a toll over our lives like never before. Whilst people can gulp down anti-stress pills to cut some slack, deep tissue massage could have much better effect for it is organic and harmless.

Many researchers have stated that professional massage stimulates the production of a hormone (oxytocin). This hormone is known to support positive emotions and with proper deep tissue massage, they just come out flowing throughout your bloodstream; not to forget, it cuts down cortisol levels and blood pressure to create semblance in your body.

To conclude with…

Many people are reeling under stressed work life but they have been cured and have had gained the strength to face it all. Read how massage therapy transformed the life of so many people.

Living the life of a corporate slave can be extremely taxing. However, intelligent deployment of deep tissue massage can soothe out tension and regain the long-lost tenacity to fight out all the odds to win control over your life.

All said and done, do not get bulldozed under your worries and instead consult professional massage therapist to let your stressed out body take a sigh of relief and exudes life in its true spirit.

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