How Massage Is Central To Women’s Health & Overall Wellbeing?

The throbbing pain in the neck, growing waistline, deepening aging lines, joint pain or any health woe, massage has profound benefits to offer to women of all ages.

Let’s learn more …

Having a massage is no longer an option for women. Running between hectic work life and shouldering the responsibility back home leaves most women craving for some ‘Me’ time.

The term ‘massage’ rings in a broad number of choices including the standard body massage to specialized deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, etc. Instead of running to the local spa and draining oodles of money for temporary beauty benefits, make a long-term investment to multiply health returns with massage therapy.

Let’s dive in to know the profound health outcomes:

  1. Your Antidote To Acute Stress

Anxiety disorders are common.  Having too much on the platter to handle puts you under extremely anxious.

As per Our World Data, nearly 284 million people were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in 2017 including 63% (179 million) were women  as compared to 105 million men.

Learn how it helps to cope with anxiety attacks.

From experiencing the gentle strokes to revering aromatic oils, massages increase your blood flow to the brain, thereby reducing the stress hormone cortisol and releasing the feel-good hormones like dopamine.

  1. Regain Sound Sleep

Suffering from insomnia? troubled sleep? You aren’t the only one!

As per a survey, one in four women has exhibited commonly reported insomnia symptoms or interrupted sleep.

Lack of or disturbed sleep for a prolonged period of time can paralyze your capacity to perform the simplest of the tasks. You feel lethargic to undertake a regular domestic task, managing your office, or both.

Having regular massage slows down your nervous system and instill your mind into a deep slumber.

Not to forget the extended benefits of balanced sleep – healthy looking skin, and body with renewed focus & energy to outdo every life challenge.

  1. Say Good Bye To Fatigue

Tossing and turning all night and waking up with groggy eyes and body aches.

Whether its a hard day at work, suffering from any debilitating disease or any other reason, having the right amount of energy to normally function looks impossible.

The dexterous application of aromatic oils on trigger points can make a notable difference in managing the sore muscles and your overall health.

As per CDC, more than one million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) ( also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)).

This puts your body in perpetual pain or illness that can run life long.  From lifting a cooking pan, watering plants to carrying out any physically exerting activity, the situation just gets worse with time.

Most importantly, diagnosing CFS is not easy either as its telltale symptoms overlap with many other diseases such as fibromyalgia, etc.

All the gentle and hands-on massage techniques such as Swedish massage can help to reduce the acute symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

But do not expect magical results with therapeutic massages. It may take a decent time to experience the difference in your current condition.

  1. Aids In Healing Injuries

From years-long joint pain, recent accident or any sports injury, massage therapy can be very therapeutic as it eases down muscle constrictions, improves blood circulation and expedites recovery.

Remember, working on soft tissues needs a proficient and licensed post-injury massage therapist to experience positive results.

In the words of Dr. Thomas Best, co-director of OSU Sports Medicine,  damaged muscles when massaged for 15 odd minutes can soar up the probability of recovery by 20 to 40%.

While you’re undergoing your standard medical treatment, having specialized massage therapy sessions can put you on the road to complete health.

  1. Manages Chronic Illnesses

There is no dearth of academic studies that support the healing effects of massage therapy for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as breast cancer, Osteoarthritis, lower back pain, boost immunity post-op, lowering blood pressure and many more.

In fact, as per the AMTA: “Pre-surgery, massage relaxes muscle tissue and increases the flow of lymph. Post surgery, women who apply specialized lymph drainage techniques from a well-trained massage therapist to their treatment may experience less pain and swelling.”

Apart from reducing stress and anxiety, massage aids in reducing the agonizing effects during the recovery including pain, nausea, fatigue, depression and more.

As We Wrap Up

You may have hundreds of things to do, squeeze in some time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of regular massage therapy in Kirkland, WA to survive and thrive all the challenges in life!

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