How Therapeutic Massage Aids in Anxiety Attacks?

Regular body massages relieves body from the burden of excessive stress, both mentally and physically. Many consider it as an act of self-indulgence but there is more to it.

With the intelligent application of hands and oils, strained muscles are pressed, albeit with varying intensity, to accentuate the aggravating pain and provide complete relaxation.

There have been studies conducted to determine the nature of link between undergoing therapeutic massage and anxiety disorders.

A study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety has suggested a whopping 50% reduction in anxiety symptoms after a prolonged 12 weeks of scheduled massage therapy. The best part was the profound effects were felt for a long period of time.

Are you Suffering from Anxiety Disorder?

Well to answer that first you need to configure what’s anxiety? In general terms, any individual suffering from anxiety worries about one or the other thing without any break.

Whether it is as important as money to as silly as losing you pen! Some individuals are just habitually wired to let every little thing to become a mountain of worries for days, weeks or even more.

Some of the commonly found symptoms include restless, fatigued, muscle pain, difficulty in sleeping etc. If not handled on time, you may end up suffering up lot more.

Select your masseuse after seeking recommendations or reading online customer feedback only. Any hasty or half-hearted decision could be largely damaging.  He or she will decide your complete course of treatment after going through your condition.

Your Type of Massage?

There are different kinds of techniques, and methods used to massage to provide fundamental relief. Most massage therapists recommend swedish massage to relieve anxiety and restore complete mental health.

Only a trained massage therapist can exert the right quantum of pressure to gently realign the muscles to help regain the same momentum. The aroma of essential oils helps in calming down and stimulates positive changes in your sensory organs.

Massage therapists play soft music to relax your tensed mind and stimulate mindfulness to distract from the anxious thoughts. It’s a matter of time you will feel your brain and body coming in sync in the present moment.

How Therapeutic Massage Helps?

Therapeutic massage relieves stress in various ways as mentioned below:

  • Releases body toxins and tension from the strained muscles
  • Clamps down the heart palpitation and blood pressure.
  • Inhibits the production of stress hormone cortisol and boosts the production and release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins
  • Induces calmness and composure in stance and thoughts
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Supports natural slow and deep breathing and more

Massage is generally considered safe when done by a trained therapist from RRR Therapeutic Massage centre. However, do not take chances with any rookie else you may sustain some other injury.

You may or may not experience the immediate effects. However, continuing the massages for a sustained period of time can help you soothe out the tension and restore the strength to beat the anxiety.

If you are under regular mental stress and struggling to store composure in your life, it’s time you start thinking about certified massage therapies. Send a message to get a call back or call
(425) 287-3691 to talk to our massage therapists.

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