It’s Time to Debunk 5 Myths about Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been leaping forth with its popularity rising at breakneck rate amongst people of all ages. Whether young, adult or old, you must have sorely felt the need to get a massage either to assuage some age old gnawing body pain, rehabilitation or improve blood circulation in the body.

With health cost digging holes in our budgets, most people are scrambling for alternative therapies to get some relief from moderate to grave injuries.  And massage therapy is one such trusted option that is often touted as the most natural and safest therapy.

Despite of all the positives, there are many myths shrouding its sprawling popularity. Though the massage therapy is practiced worldwide, there are doubts casting shadow over the veracity of the techniques used to provide pain relief.

Intrigued? Well this blog will shed light on five such myths that have plagued the mindset of people and prohibit them to accept massage therapy as an alternative therapy to abate and assuage many of their health woes.

Without any delay, let us hop on to know them …

1. All the massages are similar

Most people are under the assumption that all the massages have same purpose. However, it is far from the truth since each massage comes with distinct purpose. Every massage has its core area of contention apart from providing fringe benefits for complete therapeutic care.

For instance, gliding strokes in swedish massage tend to relax the strained muscles to comfort your entire body whereas deep tissue massage employs slow and smooth strokes to manage chronic pain and inflammation.  Sports massage is aimed to heal sore muscles of athletes or dancers while providing them range of motion to improve their agility. If you are looking for post-injury massages, even then you can get personalized massage therapies to get balanced care,

You may not come across any difference if its some random massage centre but with professional therapists, you can expect all sorts of massages to meet different needs of yours with guaranteed results.

2. No pain no gain?

A therapeutic massage reduces pain and relaxes the complete body. However, most people think otherwise. Each massage does cause some pain or discomfort but that is temporary; massages never hurt.

For instance, deep tissue massage puts acute pressure on specific parts of the muscles, so it can get a bit uncomfortable for some time. But even that pain fades away with time. For the remaining massages, light to moderate pressure is exerted which barely causes any palpable pain.

If you’re experiencing pain, then something must have gone wrong during the massage therapy session. Notify your massage therapist if you experience something odd during or post the session. Most professional therapists adjust their massage techniques to the comfort of the patients. However, ignorance on the part of the patients may not draw the results you’re chasing.

3. It is not meant for Everybody

Most people are under the assumption that massage therapy is for adults only. However, there is little grain of truth to it for people of all ages can enjoy its umpteenth benefits. Whether you are as young as a child, teen, adults or old, every individual suffers from some or the other issue which does not necessarily need the standard medical care.

For instance, regular gentle massage for toddlers does wonder with improved blood circulation and their digestion. Teenagers and/or working professionals have strenuous lifestyle putting them under extreme anxiety and mental pressure. Undertaking regular back pain sessions could be exceptionally helpful in alleviating the pent up stress and rejuvenates the body for the battles ahead.

4. Massage Detoxifies The Body

There is little to no evidence suggesting that massage therapy can drain out toxins from the body. Yes, there are multitude of benefits including improving immunity and all, but it has nothing to do with detoxification. They can alleviate pain and speed up the healing process; they primarily smoothens the muscular pains to pump up blood circulation so that your body works better. However,there is no scientific backing to the popular claims.

5. No Massage For Pregnant Woman

For years, pregnant women have been averrightssage therapies fearing that it may harm their unborn baby or probably ensue trouble in their labour. rightre is no factual evidence supporting the popular claim. There are special pregnancy and prenatal massage therapies to considerably reduce pain in all 3 trimesters. Whether it is your cramps, back pain, or any other kind of strain, professional massage therapy can come out handy for pregnant women.

These are some of the myths and more are there spreading misconceptions about massage therapy. If you are grovelling under perpetual pain or righting from any injury, you better consult professional massage therapists to schedule an appointment to chalk out a proper program for complete care and well being.

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