Recounting How Massage Provides Relief From Fibromyalgia

This little-known debilitating condition remains hard to diagnose and treat. Here’s how you can hope for some natural relief …

A healthy and healing touch can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing. And you don’t have to dig your nose deep into swathes of medical literature to agree.

For a moment, just recall your childhood for the answers.

We all have felt the warmth to the bone when gentle hands stroked arms, legs and ran all over the body. For that matter, sleeping in a cuddle while hearing bedtime stories remain so memorable even now!

However, for fibromyalgia patients suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, the story is altogether different. With no definitive diagnosis and treatment, fibromyalgia is a paradox for the medical fraternity even after so many years.

As per CDC, Fibromyalgia affects nearly 4 million US adults.

Know More About Fibromyalgia

While the exact cause remains elusive, its symptoms can be attributed to many other ailments.  Yet the generally regarded symptoms include

  • Acute and abnormal body pains,
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Headache and depression
  • Poor Concentration/Memory
  • Sleep problems

While anyone can get affected, typically, women in the middle of their adulthood (20 to 55) happen to suffer the most.

Most patients suffer from bouts of pain but for some unfortunate, it’s a lifetime agony that has no cure but can only be managed with alternative therapies.

5 Therapeutic Massage Effects On Fibromyalgia Patients

Having body massage is no longer a luxury, it is a way of life for patients ailing with various diseases, and fibromyalgia is just one of them.

Studies have produced supporting evidence in favor of massage therapy.  The benefits include:

  1. Improves Blood Circulation: The gentle to mild strokes improves blood circulation and delivers oxygen to the muscle tissues. This warms up the seemingly cold and frigid body muscles to provide some relief.
  2. Relaxes Muscles To Boost Flexibility: Regular body massage has been extremely helpful in relaxing the tense muscles, releases endorphins and instill supple movement in joints.
  3. Instill Sound Sleep: Many fibromyalgia patients rue about inadequate or disturbed sleep.  Failure to have deep sleep disturbs your natural body clock and accentuate health troubles. Having professional therapists for massage in Lynwood, WA can help you regain the lost balance and instill restful sleep.
  4. Freedom From Chronic Pain & Headaches: Many victims cry over the rigid state of muscles that extends the pain to their head causing migraines. Studies assert that regular massage therapy breaks away this stagnant cycle. It helps to ease out chronic pain and tension that strains the upper back, shoulders, and even neck.
  5. Clamps Down Anxiety & Depression: Having soothing and therapeutic massage treatment regenerates fresh energy and vitality. Many patients have experienced overwhelming effects with the release of natural painkillers – endorphins in the body.

Alternative Or Supportive Therapies:

While you’re undergoing massage therapy, you may not experience immediate positive results. Understand that every patient’s body differs in its response to massage.

Meanwhile, you can go for alternative therapies that can improve your health outcomes:

  • Aware and educate yourself to manage the pain
  • Mild exercising can build your general stamina and support other therapies
  • Eat Right – Balanced nutritional diet for maintaining weight and overall health
  • Meditation to control stress and pain from worsening the condition
  • Medication if you are under treatment such as OTC pain killers.

Ideal Massage Therapy For Fibromyalgia Patients

Most therapists recommend Swedish style massage techniques for fibromyalgia patients.  The application of light and gentle strokes provides natural comfort. It is not a shock treatment and instead allows patients to get accustomed in the first place before advancing to specialized point massage.

At Realize Relax Refresh Therapeutic Massage, we understand having one-to-one communication is crucial in dealing with fibromyalgia sufferers – they are sensitive to pain. We assess their psychological condition beforehand to ascertain if and to what extent massage therapy can be helpful.

Remember, having a positive frame of mind during the course of any treatment helps you enjoy enriching and favorable health benefits.

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